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1. Do I require a doctor’s referral to attend physical therapy treatment?

No. There is direct access to physical therapy in Saskatchewan. However, you may need a doctor’s referral to have the treatment covered by your private health insurance. The therapist may also ask you to see your doctor for help with medications, further investigations or confirming a diagnosis.

2. Will my private insurance cover the cost of physical therapy?

Typically yes, each health insurance plan is different. It is best to contact your insurance company to find out how much coverage they have for therapy. Usually there will be a limit of a certain dollar value.

3. What are the fees involved?

PHYSIOTHERAPY INITIAL ASSESSMENT: $75.00 - includes full biomechanical assessment. *New patient, new injury or if you have not been here in over 3 months. (Pleae arrive 10 minutes early to ensure time to fill out the appropriate paperwork)

SUBSEQUENT APPOINTMENT:                                                                                                                           PHYSIOTHERAPY AND/OR ACUPUNTURE TREATMENT: $60.00

Please check with your insurance provider to see if your plan covers acupuncture through a licensed Physical Therapist accredited with C.A.F.C.I. (The Canadian Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute)



A home based exercise program designed by an exercise therapist focusing on rehabilitation of a specific injury or disorder. This program is physiotherapist referred, which includes an initial program set-up and two follow-up sessions.


Includes unlimited access to the gym and an individualized exercise program designed by an exercise therapist based on the referral from your physio therapist.

Cancellation Policy - To move or cancel appointments we require 24 hours notice otherwise a cancellation fee of $60.00 may be charged.

Missed Appointment Policy - Patients are given a reminder upon the first missed appointment. A second missed appointment is subject to a partial payment of the visit fee.

Payment Accepted - Cash, Cheque, Debit, Visa, MasterCard

4. What does acupuncture do?

Acupuncture stimulates the body to produce its own pain relieving chemicals called endorphins. It stimulates the body’s natural healing abilities, reducing inflammation and promoting physical and emotional well-being. There is a pamphlet available at the clinic with a more in-depth explanation.

5. How many physical therapy treatments will I need?

Every condition is individually evaluated. The number of treatments varies depending on the severity of the condition, the length of time the condition has been present and the patient’s activity expectations (e.g. return to sport). You will be advised of an appropriate treatment plan after your initial assessment.

6. Does Sask Health cover any of the treatments?

No. Most clients have coverage through their personal or work insurance e.g. WCB, SGI, Blue Cross, GMS, Manu-life, Great West Life, Sun-Life etc. or coverage by DVA or RCMP.

7. How do I schedule an appointment?

Phone: (306) 778-3384

Fax: (306) 778-3394

Online Booking:


To schedule an appointment after hours, please call (306) 773-8313, Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 8:00 pm